Original Paintings

I have painted for over 40 years and each painting still challenges me to find new ways to express my passion for nature through lines, patterns and forms. Colours from each season provoke memories and influence how, where and when I paint.

All my works are original on canvas, board or paper using Acrylics, Indian ink, watercolours, oil and chalk pastels. My working studio & gallery is hidden away in a peaceful village to the west of Dorset . Working big and fast keeps the movement and energy alive. 


Myself and partner Angela have always believed that art should be accessible to all.

We wanted to have a working studio that would allow people to see my work in the environment where I made it. The studio lends itself to being formal enough to show my work and also see the tools of the trade so to speak along with the materials used.

Sadly due to the pandemic this has had to be put on hold after just 9 months but with life there's always challenges. Our online gallery shows are current works available for sale, we have added a virtual tour and a shop of goodies using my art and designs.


We hope you enjoy looking around our website.


Stay safe and take care.