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                                                       Keeping you safe whilst you stay with us

 To keep you safe during your holiday with us we have a few extra precautions and requests to help ensure that you and other guests stay safe. These requests will be a condition of acceptance of your booking and we will expect them to be respected. If you feel unhappy or uncomfortable we fully understand that we might not be the right place for your stay during these difficult times.

1. No early check in please, we will leave the apartment empty after each departure for a minimum of 3 hours as advised to ensure greater safety for staff cleaning the apartment. Sorry no exceptions.

2. Check out - as above this needs to be prompt and absolutely no later than 10am. Sorry no exceptions.

3. Check in will be contactless, the key is stored in the lock box, both the keys and the lock box will be sterilised.

4. We will leave an information pack for your stay in the apartment, we ask that you take this home with you and recycle. We are for obvious finding it hard to get local attraction leaflets for this year so we will supply last years and you can use general contact numbers to check what restrictions are in place regarding covid 19. We suggest you use our tourist information page to check up on the latest restrictions regarding Covid19. The apartment WiFi is quick and reliable so we are pushing towards a paperless tourist information service for environmental reasons.

5. All towels and bedding will be boil washed for your stay, including the mattress and pillow protectors, On check out day please strip each bed including the mattress and pillow protectors and towels and leave them in laundry basket supplied in each room.

6. Door handles/cupboards , etc., We will ensure all are sterilised at the end of each clean as we exit the property. We would kindly ask that you bring the appropriate sanitisers and wipes (not to be flushed down the toilet please) with you and do the same as you exit the property on check out day.

7. TV remote, please wipe down with antibacterial wipes regally during your stay.

8. Rubbish/Refuse - please make sure that all the bins are emptied in to the main bin in the kitchen. Recycling is fine, just use the containers supplied in the kitchen and we will sort out after your departures. All sanitary products must go in main bin on departure as well as wipes etc. Again please none flushed down the toilet, a blocked drain during these times would be really compromising for both our and others health.

9. Please respect our direct neighbours and fellow villagers by keeping the "social distancing" protocol and following any guide lines that are in place in the village store and community hall. 

10. We obviously do not accept anyone else other than those on the booking to stay over night in our property. But please may we ask during these times that no extra guests visit during you stay and no more that 4 persons are in the apartment at anyone time please. No additional cars on the driveway also. This is to make any track and trace requests easier in worse case scenario.

We hope you understand and consider these measures good practise and reassuring that we want to do all that is possible to make your stay a safe one.

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