Painting started like many things in my life a little backwards, that's the Dyslexia that does that.
I wouldn't change a thing about this though as the creative side of my brain has the stronger influence, allowing me to see images in a kind of 3D way which helps when approaching a painting.

I do not talk about my dyslexia as some kind of excuse or special power its just is what it is.
Most of the greatest creative people on in the world also had Dyslexia. It has had such a significant effect on my life, at school I was branded stupid and I was put in a special needs class for the five years of secondary eduction. This is where I met my first positive influence Mr Williams who was a proud flare wearing, big moustache, bubble perm, socialist. He was in fact an outcast in his own peer group as my school had been previously a grammar school. So there we were a group of dis-functional kids in our own bubble learning ABC and basic maths, not really sure who should be guilty for myself and fellow "thicko's" (there was not posh label in those days) for not being able to read or write. No problem for Mr Wheeler who re-built me and gave me the basic tools to survive in this world, many which I still use today. What a true hero. 

So I am a "shout out loud" proud to be Dyslexic and can read and write better than most I have worked with. I went back to school and paid for my own education as a young adult and learned to achieve my exam results by study in the evenings after work. This is where I met people who enjoyed learning and where I learnt to enjoy stretching my academic side. As life quite often does, all those years of dealing with bullies taught me to be strong within myself and to be open and non judgemental, life moves in mysterious ways.


So Dyslexia first inspiration, second Mr Wheeler.

After a couple of years at catering college becoming a baker and confectioner I began working from dawn to dusk to break through the damage and negative effect my school life. My third influence and inspiration, my Sister an art student at Goldsmith's in London.

We were like the two ends of the spectrum but when I went to her exhibition I saw that art was indeed were the well educated felt it to be cool , how ironic. Her talent did scare me off for many years, an extremely talented artist with a brain to match. I quietly painted in my spare time.