Well, after the initial burst of energy I had to walk away and let it dry, as mentioned on first update. This is when I lose patience and start messing around whilst the paint is still wet.

Next day I walked into the studio and just stared at it for a few hours occasionally looking at it through the mirror, a useful way of seeing if the painting balances. If I feel that the painting has something I can lose the confidence to approach it and this is when the fiddling starts. It can be the death of a painting. So I got rid of the silly little brush and went back to the big brushes. I put the beginning of the shadows in the foreground which helped me relax, before moving on to the distant field. Finally putting more detail in the foreground, I walked away from to let it dry.

Lets hope I like it when I return to it.

If you are wondering what the box in the right hand corner is there for, its from an old painting . I have a habit of painting over stuff, a kind of 'self destruct'. My partner usually gets to them before I can, but not this time.

As I have said before, I am my strongest critic and will often walk into my studio and dislike everything I have done.

The Old Engine Shed






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