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This triptych is part of my new summer collection as a series of some of my favourite places in Dorset. The series was in part a result of the lockdown, new approaches and the loss of my beloved dog. I have a new companion now and she needs endless hours of walking and as we were in the middle of the pandemic we were stuck to walking the same if not amazing walk out of the village. It covers flood meadows which are full of water in the winter and swaves of wild lowers and grasses in the summer. Wooded tracks, forest, heathland and a river. Its strange but I have never walked one route so often through each season and it seems to have magnified how I see the countryside. I walk every day foe several hours but usally rushing around, well the last year stopped that. My world has changed as has many things have.

Turnerspuddle - Triptych

  • Premium Cotton Canvas : 10oz 38mm Profile 80x100cm (Apx.32x39in) (+) x 1

    total length of Triptyct is 300cm edge to edge

    Height 80cm

    Depth  38mm (approx 4cm)

  • Acrylic - indian ink 

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