One of the best vantage points around Weymouth is the Preston area on top of Coombe Valley Road. You can see all the way towards north point and beyond and in the other direction across to Portesham. In-between the patch work of fields and sculptured mounds which are incredibly inspiring. It's quite a short but steep climb and can be windy upon the top but the views are worth it. I love the way the landscape looks twisted by the intervention of man and machine and the trees and paths all seem to be tied together in a knot. I wanted to capture how not one part stands out more than the other. The trees and ridgeways intertwined with the paths and hedges looks like ropes or candy laces.

Looking towards Bincombe (Coombe Valley)

  • High quality linen canvas with double edge frame.  Medium used, Acrylic and Indian ink

The Old Engine Shed





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