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This is a spot I know very well as I see it each and every day when taking my dog for her morning walk, wind, rain, shine, snow, in the light and in the dark. Its looking at the hills above Bere Regis from a small heathland ridge between my village of Briantspuddle and Bere Regis. I have looked at these fields for over 4 years and often thought I should try and describe the view with a painting. This summer the heat and settled weather came late, the previous month had been very wet and often the hills had low cloud over them. When the weather broke and when out walking one evening I came to the familiar spot and was just so taken by how strong the colours were, forms of the trees, hedgerows and the distant hills and felt a need to paint it.

Cow Drove

  • Made up of 2 canvases each measure 100cm long x 80cm high

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