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This is my impression of the chalky cliffs between Seatown and Beer just on the Devon & Dorset border. I lived and worked here on and off for many years and of course painted. I love this part of the country where the chalky cliffs of the East give way to the blue lias clay of the Jurassic Coast which is famous for its fossils. The other direction West is the red sand cliffs of Sidmouth & Ladrum Bay. It's a magial spot looking across to the Dorset Coast one direction and the Devon Coast the other. It has a slightly more rugged feel than that of Dorset but not as gnarly as the deeper Devon Coast across land.

Glorious Dorset

  • Each canvas is made from Premium Cotton Canvas : 10oz 38mm Profile 80x100cm (Apx.32x39in) (+)

    The painting is 300cm (3m) long if no gaps are left inbetween each canvas. Each canvas is 80cm in height and approx 4cm in depth. They can be hung directly on the wall.

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