I spent many years living in and around the Charmouth and the Lyme Regis area. I worked and played along the Jurassic Coast and use to regulary run up to the top of Golden Cap. The area is in my bones you could say and when I left to work abroad, this was one of the first places I came back to paint. It just blows my mind away how the colours and forms along the hills and cliffs of the Dorset and Devon coastline mesmorise you. This series and style of painting seem to hit a note and are very popular.  I used the acrylic more like a water colour and build up the glaze over time. Which gives the effect of the flat light and stillness of late summer evenings. I am an impatient painter and can do most of a painting in just a day. Saying that it does not always work out and I can spend days on a painting and still achive nothing!  When to stop!

Towards Langdon woods

  • High quality linen canvas with double edge frame.  Medium used Acrylic and Indian ink

The Old Engine Shed






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