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Welcome to the terms & conditions page

To avoid disappointment and/or confusion we like to make sure all our guests booking are fully aware of any terms or "house rules" that may effect their stay with us. We only set these terms & condition as we wish to make sure that our guests are able to enjoy a stress free stay with us and those around them. Our apartment is set in a quiet rural village that has the pleasure of not being s tourist park. We do have direct neighbours and villagers who also enjoy the everyday life of a rural village and the respect we show each other regarding reasonable noise and movement.

                                             Quick look to make life easier

1.Sorry no hen/stag parties.Same sex parties will need prior agreement with us

2.Minimum age of lead party/booking needs to be 21 years of age

3. Sorry no pets

4 .Sorry no smoking

5. Sorry no loud music or instruments

6. No naked flames/camping equipment-see full listing below

7. Sorry no camper vans/caravans or similar vehicles to be used or occupied on our land by the booking or guests of the booking .Parking only with prior agreement with us.

8. Parking for two vehicles  we can take extra with prior agreement only

9.No extra heating appliance or any other appliances allowed including fans

10. No extra guests other than those on the booking and paid for are allowed  to stay or sleep over-check full listing below

11.Sorry our  apartment is not allergy free or listed as so.

12.Sorry no children under 12 or infants without prior agreement-see full details on listing below

13. Sorry no Barbecues /disposable or portable/fire or fire pits

To avoid disappointment and/or confusion we like to make sure all our guests booking are fully aware of any terms or "house rules" that may effect their stay with us. We only set these terms & condition out to make sure that our guests are able to afford the enjoyment of our direct neighbours & fellow villagers.

1. Please no hen/stag parties — we reserve the right to refuse entry to our property

2. Please no single sex parties will only be considered if firstly the guests are over the age of 21, we will require all group members to supply name and addresses.Any same sex groups must contact us via e-mail and receive confirmation from the proprietors of "The Hideaway". If confirmation is not evident we may/will refuse the right of  entry on or into our property "The Hideaway". Including any land or rights of way to and from.

3. Sorry no pets of any description are allowed on the booking or with visiting guests of the booking party.

4. Please no smoking inside the apartment at any time-we have a small courtyard where you may smoke

5. Please no loud music — no loudspeaker devices or instruments are allowed in or outside of the apartment. 

6. Please no naked flames/gas canisters/camping equipment are allowed in or outside our apartment including any land or rights of way to our premisses

7. Please no camper vans are allowed to be used for cooking/sleeping  or overnight stays. Any camper van/pr similar vehicle is only allowed to be parked on our premisses and only with agreement of us. No long term parking/repair or recovery veichiles are allowed on the premiss unless prior agreement with us.

8. Please no more than two vehicles allowed to be parked on the premisses without prior agreement by us.

9. Please no extra heating application/devices/fans for heat or cooling. No electrical appliances of any description are allowed within or outside of the apartment, land or rights of way.

10. Please no extra guests are allowed to stay in our apartment without prior agreement. No extra members other than those on the booking are allowed to sleep/stay or use the apartment  No guests of the party are allowed to stay in the apartment whilst the party booking are off of the premisses

11. Sorry we do not advertise that our apartment is allergy free & it is not classed as allergy free. Any special requirements will be considered but only with previous communications and agreement with us.

12. Sorry we do not provide specialist equipment for children, such as extra safety devices, cots , high chairs or safety barriers for doorways, beds or bathing - The Hideaway is shower only no and has no bath.

13. No barbecues  including disposable allowed. No fires/heat pits on/in or any part of the land and rights of way owned by us

14- no rule I am just superstitious!

We reserve the right to refuse the right of entry on/in our premises including any land rights of way and relating to our apartment "The Hideaway". If any of the Terms & conditions are breached and/or if we (us) feel threatened, uncomfortable physically, mentally or in any other way. We reserve the right to phone the police as you will be considered trespassers, singularly or collectively as part of the group .are trespassing 

Terms & meanings

Us/We - this pertains to the owners of the apartment and premisses inside and out - Mark Harris & Angela Roberts

Parties/party/group/booking-relates to person/s that are declared on the booking-not exclusive to just named person/s on the booking but also to friends/guests invited or uninvited on the booking

Premisses/Us/we/land/rights of way-relates to The Hideaway - part of the whole building and land that is owned by Mark Harris & Angela Roberts-The address of title deed is

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