Theo's world started on the streets of London where he was found abandoned and hungry. He was in a pound and was to be put down as no one had claimed him.

I was in the different world of Dorset, dog walking country.

Having originally rescued a Staffie called Travis many years previously we had walked all over this county. Travis even came to Lanzarote with me where he use to swim and play in the pool. After returning to Scotland together he enjoyed a further couple of years until cancer took him.

Some seven or eight years later and I wanted to have a walking companion again. So I started looking on the internet for a Staffie as I think that everyone should take a rescue as it is the most humble thing to do and can be so rewarding. Before I knew it an e-mail came from a woman who rescues dogs from "death row." A picture of Theo appeared on the screen with a time limit on him and a decision to be made . I went to meet Theo at an independent kennel in Ferndown to make sure we would be compatible.

It is important to make sure that your new companion is in a good mind set, as Cesar Milan the dog whisperer will tell you, calm and submissive is always best, he was. The only hang over from his experiences seemed to a bit of nervousness. Two weeks later he came through my front door, slept for a few days and then just stated fixing himself. Like most dogs they forgive without prejudice and thats why we love them.