All I can say is that you really have no idea what direction a painting can take you in sometimes. I had after the first day gone home thinking I may need to break the foreground up and was not really happy with it. I had had a vision that the rocks would be more prominent and Stand stronger in the composition. 

I visited the Barbara Hepworth museum after the Tate, a good old tourist pilgrimage I guess , but one that had to be done. Although not a great fan of museums with lots of glass cases and important stuff framed in them. I am a great fan of physical things, tactile things , etc. So after a hasty look around I was about to leave politely when I saw through a little back door upstairs the garden and a sculpture framed by the sun. Once in the garden the whole thing is just a sensory delight full of wonderful sculptures, trees and glimpses of St Ives. You can even see through the window of her work shop. It is as if time has stood still with her jackets still hanging on the door, I am I think it is fair to say quite a realist , so when I say you can feel her energy there I am sure some may scoff. If you visit though you can judge for yourselves.

So the painting I guess has that energy from my visit and you may be able to see a few references to Barbara Hepworth in it. I think it feels sculptural?

The Old Engine Shed





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