This is the finished result of studying the subject over the period of a week.This painting is for a much bigger commissioned piece that I am working on at the moment. I wanted to convey the atmosphere and calmness that I find so reassuring when walking through the forest. Even if you can hear the distant sound of tanks and gun fire of the nearby Bovington army base.

The light just beginning to fade as it does on these hazy summer evenings and the smell of the pine filled the air as it was released by the cooling temperature.

I used several layers of watered down paint to create the distant trees, a type of glaze which is a technique I have now started to use thanks to more time and patience. I paint the bark of the trees as a blue purple or a lime green which helps give the feeling of both warmth and coolness. If you stare long enough at the trunks of trees you will start to see different colours in them and textures. The grasses around the gravel path are part of the managed areas and cycle tracks  create open spaces amongst the crowded vertical pines which compete for the light and space.

The Old Engine Shed





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