It has been a strange week as I have been working on location doing small studies and sketches in the forests around Bovington and the woods near golden cap and three tree hill (Bridport). So the painting has sat there for a few days which was good, as I had to look at it every day. That persuaded me not to re work it to much and just tighten little areas with where it needed it.

So I have put more detail to the plants in the foreground, the steps and wall in mid ground and finally the harbour wall and waves. I feel it has capture the sensation of walking down into St Ives from the coastal path and into the harbour its self . I spent the afternoon walking up and down the narrow streets and pathways and then across the small bay that the harbour surrounds. (If you want to eat try the small fresh food van on the harbour wall it is really tasty and cheap)

In the painting I made a reference to Barbara Hepworth with the cube in the right top corner as these are in her garden and they really do seem to capture the essence of St Ives.

The week ahead I have a few projects to work on and sold paintings to deliver. But towards the end of week I hope to get back to work on a new painting, In the meantime I will put some of my studies from last week up on the front page. 

Hope you enjoy the finished painting.

The Old Engine Shed





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