Well, this is the finished painting and have decided to stop at this point. I feel that each painting has a moment and you have to hang on to that and when the energy dies down that is the time to stop. I find that I have limited time to get my paintings completed because I do seem to lose focus on them once they are out on the canvas. I know artist who spend months building and finishing a painting and will not paint anything else whilst they are doing it. I have so many things moving around in my imagination that if I do not get them out then they seem to block me from creating more work. I don't even like to have the finished paintings around me for to long, once it's been created it needs to be moved on.

I am about to start on a new series of paintings for the "little Van Gogh company, who put art in public spaces and businesses so will up date 'this weeks painting" in a few days. 

Thank you for following this paintings journey, it has proved to be very popular.

The Old Engine Shed





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