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Artist - Mark Harris

If you are looking for a large landscape painting that creates a reaction, memory and emotion which fills your entire wall then you have come to the right place!

The inspiration behind my paintings is to capture and chronicle these beautiful scenes of fields, woodlands, coastal views, valleys and copses in all forms through all seasons before its to late.
I think we have all come to realise that its the simple things in life that matter the most.

About me

I'm London born but lived most of my teenage years in Dorset and Devon so maybe this is where I found my love of landscapes. I am a self taught artist and its the only 0 Level that I achieved, of which I am forever proud off. I have painted all though my life albeit in between longs hours and stressful jobs. In my early Fifties I reached a burn out point and had to find an alternative way to live. I now paint full time from my own studio in Briantspuddle which I sometimes open up for the exhibitions and private viewings in-between running our self-catering holiday apartment. 

The studio affords me the space to paint these large works and not be to precious about the mess I make.

Ive dabbled in the past with many different mediums but favour Acrylic which I can use transparently watered down or create texture, always outlining with Indian ink.  I was once told that this isnt the rules of the artworld however its my style and why not Picasso did.

I dont always enjoy painting but feel a need, over the years I have learnt to be more patient, leave and go back to a piece rather than losing it entirely or putting my foot through the canvas.

Im constantly pushing to do better, to move on rather than recreating another work in the same format, I would usually have 3 or 4 paintings on the go at the same time which then creates a series. I have sold my work both in the UK and internationally, particularly in America through galleries, pop up events, auctions and third party online galleries.

I enjoy taking on commission works, most recently involving Whisky labels, previously with Interior Designers, art in hospitals and a few local projects. 

My routine isnt a strict one, I dont paint every day only when I have the urge and feel inspired.  Having just bought a campervan this allows me to have a bit more freedom to head out with my spotty companion Maddie the Dalmatian, find a view get out a sketch pad and make a cup of tea.

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