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Recent Commissions

Artwork for whiskey labels

An exciting project and commission from Oxhead Dram Addicts who contacted me to create artwork for their exclusive limited edition Whiskey range.  Oxhead Whisky Company is an independent bottler founded in 2019. Drawing on Scotland for their whiskies, they're actually based in Singapore and China.

I initially created the paintings on canvas but started to manipulate to suit the style and size the commissioners required.

Distilled in Scotland in various locations, coincidence if any Whiskey is one of my favourite tipples.

Oxhead Dram Addicts artwork whiskey label by Mark Harris


Secret Orkney

This image was created purely from notes of taste and colour.  Nose: Poached pears, fresh yellow nectarine, clean sherry, cinnamon apple crumble, a few dark berries, dark honey, beeswax, barley sugar, nuts (trail mix, nougat), honey toasted oats, hints of smoke, pine bark, some herbal and fruit teas, dried tobacco.

Palate: Stewed fruits with honey, naval orange, peach, dark cherries, fruit tea, yellow flowers.

Finish: Tobacco, spearmint, chocolate-covered raisins, salted toffee, and eucalyptus honey.

Secret Orkney artwork for whiskey label Mark Harris
Hawthorne art on whiskey label
Moreton Forest art on whiskey label

A 26 year old whiskey, Ledaig is known as the heavily peated make from Tobermory distillery, whereas the distillery’s namesake is a gentle and fruity dram. However, things were once more complicated - as there were some fantastic peated Tobermorys, this Ledaig is instead unpeated, brimming with tropical fruits and sea breeze. It’s summer in a bottle!


A 24 year old whiskey, late 90’s Bowmores are renowned for evoking memories of classical Bowmore styles – coastal, phenolic, and with explosive tropical fruits. This Bowmore ’97 is a slightly “dirty”rendition of this much sought-after profile. Immense and oily, exactly what we’d been hoping for!

Throop meadows artwork on whiskey label
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