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So it's been a strange few weeks as the weather has broken and it's hard to find a chance to paint in the high sun. Painting outside in full summer sun allows me to improve the observations of tones, shadows and nuisances . This one below is about done I added the gate and broke the line of the hedgerow just to help with the composition.As before I will hide it away to stop me fiddling and wait awhile to revisit and see if I need to go back in and tighten up the image.

This is the start of my next work looking towards Bere Regis from the ridge above Briantspuddle village. I look at this view everyday when walking my dog and often pondered painting it but wanted to try a little bit of a different angle to capture the form of the opposite ridge. I am carrying on using the red ground colour and building the depth on top and sticking to flat colours.

I have also started a new tryptic from the top of the ridge above Bincombe & Sutton Pontyz looking across to Portland and Weymouth bay. I revisit this spot regularly and cycle up to it from Weymouth sea front so get a look at all the forms and contours of the Bincombe bumps. I have done many paintings of Portland, theres just something about that view the bay and the island. Below is a previous painting a little further up the ridge from where I am working at the moment just off Chalky Lane

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