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Time slips by

So think this view towards Portland above Sutton Poyntz is about done, like the rest I will leave it alone and just look at t now and then to see if it needs more. Most of the on site visit's for this painting were done during the long forgotten heat of June. It got a vibes of the Mediterranean and so thought I would let my style adapt to portray this. I am experimenting a little at the moment by creating more texture with diagonal and vertical line.Then using different brush strokes on the trees to give a more full from.

Above is another painting in the same style, an impression from Askers hill near Bridport, I wanted to keep the same colour palette as the view towards Portland. I do tend to have little mini series of works using similar colours and locations . I like most locals and visitors am always blown away by the views just off the A35 above Bridport looking towards the costal road. I wanted this painting to be more of a " birds eye" view or nowadays a "drones" point of view. I often reference google maps as you get great satellite views this helps me to try and imagine the landscape looking from above. It's not a finished piece of work yet and nor sure what direction it's gong yet.

My trusty travel conpaniones have mde this summer a season of pushing my comfort zone's regarding my creative work. I am planing an exhibition in the aurtum / winter at my gallery and will be opening the gallery on certian dates running into the year end.

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