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New Beginings

So time for a new adventure nothing on the scale of a grand tour but rather a small renaissance recon of some of my old haunts and familiar spots here in Dorset. An opportunity to see how I approach painting some of my favourite views where I "cut my teeth" so to speak. I have worked, played, walked and of course painted all along the Jurassic coast and this is a chance to do it at a slower pace. I think like all of us the pandemic changed how I felt about, time and my relationship with people & nature. I for sure am trying to appreciate the "now" and with my new companion Maddie that is my intention for this summer.

My work has started to gain attention and momentum regarding sales and I have very little catalogue of work left in my gallery. With a healthy list of commissions to complete I have decided to have an exhibition of my new works in the autumn and use the blog to record the journey. My intention is to post regularly as I have had several requests to create a blog and keep those interested in updates on my latest works.

Being honest I am not a fan of talking about myself and as a dyslexic writing either, I find it all a little awkward and rather strange. After all there are far more important or interesting things going on in the world than little old me. But I will just ignore my inner voice and crack on in a more positive way, another one of my challenges this year.

Above is a sketch of Bulbarrow above Mappowder it a more loose abstract approach made in the studio after visiting site and doing initial sketches on my iPad and then on paper with charcoal. Once I am happy with the sketches I will do large quick sketches on the back of old wall paper or lining paper. This allows me to be more free with my style by using cheaper materials rather than using expensive paints and canvases. When I am familiar with the lines and forms that I want to use I then transfer onto the canvases . This process allows me to edit and of course put into action the "artistic licence". Below is the beginning of the final painting.

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