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working towards an exhibition

Looking towards Bere Regis

Work on the view above Bincombe & Suttom Pontyz is progressing (pictures below) although the style and colour palette is changing. I am allowing the shift to evolve that way trying to keep my work fresh and capture the energy of the first brush strokes. It can be a little frightening when there is a shift as it's all new territory and the next move lack's familiarity. No point holding back though I just have to go with the flow trust the process and hold my nerve.

The painting below showing the darker tomes and structure, I like to build my paintings up, almost like a sculpture or a skeleton. I then add the "flesh to the bones" hiding most of the original marks but allowing the initial energy to show through on the final piece.

I am working on a second painting at the same time using the same colour palette but looking from another view nearer to Dorset golf course. This canvas is approx 162 cm by 121 cm which is a size I am more familiar with. The tryptic's measure approx 270 cm by 100 cm these force me to simplify the detail and concentrate the forms and composition.Over the years I have found that my work happens in mini series capturing a view, place, colour palette and size of canvas. Each series moves my work on and allows me to keep inspired and motivated. At the moment it's large open landscapes but i am already becoming dawn to woodland scenes and more intermit views

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